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Adopt A Reese
Adopt your favourite Reese character, appearance, feature and more.

Words to describe Miss Witherspoon, from A through to Z (almost).

Birthday Project 2007
Look back at the messages fans sent Reese for her birthday in 2007.

Caption This
What’s Reese thinking? Add a caption to this funny picture!

Fan Experiences
Have you been lucky enough to see, or meet, Reese? Tell us your story!

Fan Map
See where Reese fans are located around the globe, and mark your spot.

Fans Speak Out
Read some of our favorite archived comments from GRW visitors, about big things that happened to Reese.

Fan Signs
Grab a graphic and show off your love for Reese.

Favourite Character
Elle Woods? Tracey Flick? June Carter? Tell us who your favourite character is.

Favourite Film
Reese has starred in some great movies, tell us what your favourite is in here.

Favourite Outfit
We’ve picked three of Reese’s outfits, tell us which is your favourite.

Games > Concentration
Match the Reese pics! (Opens in a new window)

Games > Movie Concentration
How quickly can you match all the Reese movie pictures? (Opens in a new window)

Games > Photoshoot Concentration
How quickly can you match all the Reese photoshoot pictures? (Opens in a new window)

Games > This Means War Tic Tac Toe
Play as Lauren and try to get three in a row before Tuck & FDR! (Opens in a new window)

Games > Walk The Line Tic Tac Toe
Play as June and try to get three in a row before Johnny! (Opens in a new window)

How Do You Know You’re A Reese Fan?
How you tell you’re a dedicated Reese fan.

Do you look like Reese? Do you think another celebrity looks like her? Share the pictures in here.

Movie Quote Game
Like trivia? Are you a Reese movie fan? If so, test your knowledge with this quotes game! Start at the Easy level and progress to harder levels if you can!

Movie Image Game
Pay attention to the personal and childhood photos used in Reese’s films? See how many you can spot here!

Opening Credits Game
Pay attention the opening credits of Reese’s movies? See how many you can spot here!

Cast your vote on various Reese and GRW related topics.

Choose from different pictures and put the scrambled Reese picture back together!

Think you know Miss Reese? Test your knowledge in here.

6 Degrees of Reese Witherspoon
Link Reese to any other celebrity – dead or alive.

Reese is famous for her big grin – remind yourself of it in here!

Specials: 2012 Birthday Week Special: 5 Reasons Why We Love Reese
Read back over our exclusive 2012 birthday special, celebrating 5 reasons why we love Reese.

Through The Years
See how Reese has changed over the years.

Why Do You Like Reese?
Is it because of her comedic chops? Her classy clothes? Her bubbly personality? Share your reasons.

With Other Celebrities
Reese has been photographed with numerous other big names at Hollywood events – see who in here.

To celebrate our 16 years online, here we are spotlighting 16 of our favourite Reese things from the past 16 years. You will see a new one upon refreshing or changing the page.

"It took me years to be the woman my mother raised. It took me 4 years, 7 months and 3 days to do it, without her. After I lost myself in the wilderness of my grief, I found my own way out of the woods."

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Current Projects
Big Little Lies (2019)
Season 2 availabe now on HBO
Role: Madeline
Genre: HBO TV Series - Drama
News / Info / Photos / Official Site

The Morning Show (2019)
Season 1 airing late 2019?
Genre: Apple TV Series - Drama
News / Info / Photos / Official Site

Legally Blonde 3 (2020)
Filming in 2019, to be released on May 8th 2020
Role: Elle Woods
Genre: Comedy
News / Info / Photos / Official Site

Little Fires Everywhere (2020)
Season 1 airing 2020
Role: Elena Richardson
Genre: Hulu TV Series - Drama
News / Info / Photos / Official Site

Sing 2 (2020)
To be released December 25th 2020
Role: Rosita
Genre: Animation, comedy, musical
News / Info / Photos / Official Site

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